quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2014

"quando menino eu lia... "

João S Martins Brings new Insights
on How to Become a Poet
in New Book
Woodbridge, NJ (9/23/2014) - Portuguese-American author João S Martins published this month a new bilingual book (Portuguese/ English) entitled quando menino eu lia… Iread as a boy… that explores the thoughtful process of searching for poetic substance.
Martins grew up in Portugal, where his family, especially his mother, promoted reading. Now he takes us on a beautifully written poetic journey that centers on the impact of his reading and life experiences on his poetic voice, from childhood to adulthood.
This new book is the personal and artistic journey of a poet in search of the ingenious form to echo poetically his true self. quando menino eu lia... I readas a boy… is a celebration of the fulfillment achieved by reading and writing. It is an insight that shares in the craving for awareness and originality.
Boavista Press focuses on the work of authors from the Portuguese-American community and other Portuguese-speaking communities in the United States and Canada.

Boavista Press
Woodbridge, NJ
Contact: Luis Gonçalves

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